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From 1:1 Cardano NFTs to small batches; bulk mints to vending machine sales; airdrops, token faucets and even auctions MermADA Minting and Stake Pool TAILS can help get your Cardano NFT project minted! We offer white label solutions to fit your projects needs.

Cardano NFTs


An NFT or NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN is defined as a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. On Cardano they are refferred to as cNFTs.

After purchasing a CNFT you can view them on Open then copy and paste your NFT wallet's receiving address into the search bar.


NFTs reached $22bn in 2021, compared with just $100m in 2020. NFTs are stored in blockchains, such as Cardano. You can track them as they are created, traded, sold, and resold. Since NFTs use blockchain technology, original artists and charities can receive royalties from subsequent sales.​

Cardano also offers us the ability to further our reach to help bank the unbanked. Cardano has no large gas fees, making access more available.


Cardano NFTs are available for purchase through a variety of market places or the creator themselves via website, twitter and discords. Our current clients sales can be viewed at

Fakes/Knock-offs happen however. The best way to avoid buying a fake is by checking the policy ID of any CNFT you are looking to buy. The project/creator should have it posted or readily be able to share that policy for verification.


Create your own Cardano NFT!

Single NFT Minting Tool

Simple & Fast minting for small NFT batch use. Pay with a wallet staked with TAILS and only pay mint utxo of 1.5 ADA

Mint 20 NFTs Tool

Mint A Small Collection

Simple & Fast minting for larger NFT batch use.

Create your Royalty Token

Royalty Token Tool

Make sure to mint before NFT collection

Vending Machine NFT Sales

Mint on Demand NFT Sales

Our most popular system for NFT drops. We use a Spreadsheet to help create your NFT.

Surprise NFT Mints

NFT Airdrops

Rewards and surprise holders of your NFTs


Preparing Your Project For Minting

Looking to bring an NFT project to the Cardano Markets? Want to mint with MermADA and not sure where to start?
You've found the right place! First be sure your images & other files are ready!
Then make a copy of our spreadsheet linked below & follow the walkthrough on this page!

Make A Copy Of This Spreadsheet
Stake with Tails Pool and Earn NFT Minting Discounts

Step 1

Our spreadsheet is split into two steps. Step 1 is your sale details.
Decide on your NFT unit price, keeping in mind the 1.5ADA mint & send fee, & MermADA Mintings fee (*10% of sales for Non TAILS pool delegates, 5% of sales for TAILS pool delegates*). Add the wallet address you would like your profits sent to.

Policy Details

->You can create more NFT’s under the policy.
Ie. Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
->You can update an NFT. Ie sell grayscale versions & update them with custom color versions.
->Signifies that the collection is complete & not to be updated or burned.->It is my experience that the majority of projects leave a policy unlocked anywhere between 9 months to 1 year.

Percentage & Royalties
Percentage is our fee for hosting your sale. We charge *10% of sales for Non TAILS pool delegates, 5% of sales for TAILS pool delegates* for Vending Machine Sales. Enter the wallet you are staking with TAILS with and change the percentage if you are a delegate. *We do check this.* Royalties are a payment made by one party to you, during sales on the secondary market. Enter how much you want for royalties, industry average seems to be between 2%-10%. Be honest with community/buyers before adding this to your project.

Enter the date & time you would like to launch. **This does not mean that date is available- simply the day you are hoping to launch. This may have to change depending on our availability.
Enter how many total NFTs are to be sold through the vending machine - IE 100 NFTs, 500NFTs. Next choose if you would like to let buyers purchase 1 NFT at the time of mint or more (up to 3NFTs at a time).


Step 2

Step 2 is your NFTs details. NFT Number column can be left alone. Ticker name again is your NFTs internal wallet name. This name is to be short, no spaces.
Every row on this page represents an NFT to be minted in your sale. If you have a project with 1000 NFTs this page should have 1001 rows when you are finished. Below is my spreadsheet for my January Coastal Cure sale for a filled in example.

Stake with Tails Pool and Earn NFT Minting Discounts

The biggest limitation is the number of characters for each of these spaces. Ticker Names cannot be longer than 32 characters. Name & category descriptions cannot be longer than 64 characters. Any information that is the same on all of your NFTs only needs to be entered once. This is where you will include your IPFS from You will need to copy & paste each individual image IPFS into this spreadsheet. If the same image covers 5 NFTs you need to enter the IPFS for each row. When entering url information be sure to include https:// in your links.
You can choose 10 NFTs from your sale for giveaways. Highlight those chosen NFT rows in blue.

We can work with a variety of content & can help generate your images. Check our MermADAs Cardano NFT Tool Metadata Guide for examples of file types. Don't see your content type? Reach out to us in our Telegram group & we can help more!

Final Checks

The 3 P's

Pricing, Policy & Percentages
Be sure you have double checked
->Pricing & the wallet address you want your profits sent to
->Policy length, remembering it has to be unlocked for as long as you want your sale running
->Percentages for your royalties if you want them & what you are being charged for our fee


Be sure that all urls include https:// for your links & that the total number of NFTs from Step 1 matches the number of rows + 1 from Step 2. Check all category description rows to be sure they are not longer then 64 characters.


IPFS is the url to your NFTs image & other NFT content from They offer free accounts with up to 1GB of storage or paid account options.
Upload your image then copy the CID into your NFTs row of the spreadsheet.
This will always start with Qm.

Once you have filled in your spreadsheet head to our Telegram Group & reach out to MermADA. We will review your spreadsheet, check your launch date, and begin setting up your NFT sale! We can work with a variety of content, check our metadata reference guide for examples of file types. Don't see your content type? Reach out to us in our Telegram group & for more help!

Website Template Options

Looking to add a website to your project but not sure where to start?
MermADA offers 4 website templates that can be customized & integrated into your projects sale.
Price is 400ADA, templates can be customized through images, text, & minor color changes. Options listed below.

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