Coastal Cure

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Coastal Cure is an initiative focused on ocean restoration and conservation. MermADA has worked diligently with multiple artists to fashion a line of monthly cNFTs showcasing over 100 ocean species. The program donates 88% of income directly to charity, then dives even further into its mission with the Coastal Cure Initiative and Proof of Clean Tokenomics.

Monthly cNFT Collection

Every month a new collection of 1000 cNFTs available
featuring coral and ocean wildlife species.

3 New species on the 1st of every month!

Collections feature 333 of each creature highlighted.

1 unique cNFT that has all 3 species in 1 cNFT.

Each cNFT features educational content about that species

Purchase Price 6 ADA

1 Sand Token and 1.6 ADA returning with your cNFT.

Monthly NFT Themes

3 new highlighted species every month

Jan., Mar., May, July, Sept., Nov. -Coral
Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct., Dec. -Wildlife

Each cNFT features educational content

Interactive presentation that encourages adults and children alike to want to click through and discover more about each species.


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Coastal Cure

Our mission is to create consistent sizable monthly donations to these environmental charities through NFT sales. 88% of proceeds will be split between the Coral Restoration Foundation and Sea Shepherd.


Coastal Cure Initiative is a program focused on methods of restoring and protecting our coast lines. As an added benefit it supports Cardano decentralization by bootstrapping small pools with similar goals. Pools will be required to meet a set of requirements and final selection by MermADA. Pools will be selected quarterly.


Proof of Clean Tokenomics is designed as a way to recognize those who go above and beyond to help clean up our oceans and coastlines. Rewards and redemption begin with the Sand Token. You can earn this token a few ways.

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