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illustrations illustrations Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life illustrations Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life

Mermada & Fredrovicius started stake pool TAILS on February 26th, 2021. TAILS token was minted March 1st, 2021. We started minting & haven't stopped since. Our minting service helps support our stake pool TAILS. We offer white label NFT vending machine sales & token faucet sales to the Cardano blockchain. We decided to operate on the Cardano network for the reason of lower gas fees & being a proof of stake network. Our mission is to support ocean restoration & protection while banking the unbanked through excellent customer service. From single NFT mint jobs to large sales we have solutions to fit every projects needs. Want to launch your own token on Cardano - and then use that token to mint NFTs? We can help! Want to distribute tokens with your NFT launch or allow people who own your NFT to claim tokens? We can do that too!

Cardano Chain TAILS Token Minted March 1st 2021



Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life

Cardano Educator

Stake Tails Help Restore Coral Reefs


Professional Mermaid

Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life

Content Creator

Our Mission



We donate 25% of our monthly block rewards to Coral Restoration Foundation to aid in restoring our oceans lungs.



We donate 25% of our monthly block rewards to Sea Shepherd to aid in protecting our oceans wildlife from overfishing.



We create and share educational content about Cardano, the change it can bring and knowledge to the public about decentralization.

Master of Mint

Stake Tails Help Restore Coral Reefs

Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life


Lead Developer

Stake Tails Help Restore Coral Reefs

Cardano NFTs


An NFT or NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN is defined as a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. On Cardano they are refferred to as cNFTs.

After purchasing a CNFT you can view them on Pool.pm. Open Pool.pm then copy and paste your NFT wallet's receiving address into the search bar.


NFTs reached $22bn in 2021, compared with just $100m in 2020. NFTs are stored in blockchains, such as Cardano. You can track them as they are created, traded, sold, and resold. Since NFTs use blockchain technology, original artists and charities can receive royalties from subsequent sales.‚Äč

Cardano also offers us the ability to further our reach to help bank the unbanked. Cardano has no large gas fees, making access more available.


Cardano NFTs are available for purchase through a variety of market places or the creator themselves via website, twitter and discords. Our current clients sales can be viewed at buynfts.exchange

Fakes/Knock-offs happen however. The best way to avoid buying a fake is by checking the policy ID of any CNFT you are looking to buy. The project/creator should have it posted or readily be able to share that policy for verification.

From 1:1 Cardano NFTs to small batches; bulk mints to vending machine sales; airdrops, token faucets and even auctions MermADA Minting and Stake Pool TAILS can help get your Cardano NFT project minted! We offer white label solutions to fit your projects needs.


Create your own Cardano NFT!

Single NFT Minting Tool

Simple & Fast minting for small NFT batch use. Pay with a wallet staked with TAILS and only pay mint utxo of 1.5 ADA

Mint 20 NFTs Tool

Mint A Small Collection

A special reward for delegators of TAILS stake pool.

Create your Royalty Token

Royalty Token Tool

Make sure to mint before NFT collection

Vending Machine NFT Sales

Mint on Demand NFT Sales

Our most popular system for NFT drops. We use a Spreadsheet to help create your NFT.

Surprise NFT Mints

NFT Airdrops

Rewards and surprise holders of your NFTs


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