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MermADA Single NFT Mint Tool and Metadata Basics

Published May 02, 2022 by MermADA of Stake Pool TAILS

post-thumb Where your Cardano NFT journey begins!

Preparing Your NFT
Soft recommendation for NFT cover images is that they be less than or equal to 1MB. To offer print resolution 2000x2000 or larger and 300 DPI is what my print manufacturer recommends. Regardless of your minting size and preference step one of minting your NFT is going to be having your images and content ready for sale. These recommendations are soft guidelines, but greatly help when it comes to loading/viewing for buyers who may not enjoy as strong of a internet connection as others.

Uploading and Obtaining IPFS
We recommend using for uploading images. Pinata offers free accounts with up to 1GB of storage. Once you have created your account it is just 2 simple steps. Keep your image CIDs handy you will need them later regardless of minting preference. First upload your image. Copy the CID (*This will always start with Qm*) Where the column is labeled CID this is your IPFS link.

"I hope for your help to explore and protect the wild ocean in ways that will restore the health and, in so doing, secure hope for humankind. Health to the ocean means health for us." - Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer

Naming your NFT
Naming your NFT can seem intimidating as it is, but there are a few specifications to follow as well. Your NFTs Ticker name needs to be short, without spaces, and no special characters. Think of this as an internal name used by your wallet for your NFT, it needs to be unique. Display Name is how your NFTs name will be displayed on It can have spaces, funny characters, and match naming of other NFTs in your collection.

Policy Details
Unlocked policies allow you to mint more NFTs under the same policy and burn if needed. The ability to re-use a policy is tied to the receiving address Select ‘Save this Policy’ or ‘Lock Policy’ - not BOTH. Save a Policy and have it open forever by selecting ‘Save this Policy’ and not checking anything else. Save a Policy and have it open for a year by checking both ‘Save this Policy’ and ‘1 Year Policy’

Enter IPFS
Enter your IPFS CID from pinata, then click preview. Your image will load a preview to ensure that your IPFS is working. Once the image loads click the green use this IPFS button. This will place your IPFS in the correct place in the code.

Edit Metadata
Now we can edit metadata. If your NFT contains adult content, change the nsfw tag to True. Change my website and twitter url to your own links, add an instagram url. Do not remove anything in between the double pound signs. Next up is customizing the metadata for the file type you are using.

MermADAs Cardano NFT Tool Metadata Guide
Our metadata reference guide is linked above. There are a wide variety of files that may be used based on what you are trying to include in your NFT. We have outlined the metadata formats for these different cases for your use. From .wav to .apng, to .webp there is a format for your NFT. Also remember the 64 character limit on descriptions lines and be sure to check your character count.* You can preview your metadata to ensure it is working correctly by checking it at You are now ready to click Create NFT. *To do this copy and paste your description into notepad. View the status bar along the bottom and it will tell you the col count, being the # of characters.

Minting In Simple Steps

  • 1. Upload and Obtain IPFS, Then head to Metro Mermaids Mint Tool
  • 2. Choose NFT Ticker Name, NFT Display Name and Enter Wallet Address to Receive NFT in
  • 3. Select Policy Details and Enter IPFS
  • 4. Edit metadata with your contact info and pay

Thank you!
For checking out our website resources! I am MermADA of stake pool TAILS. We are a ocean focused philanthropic stake pool. We donate 50% of our stake pools monthly block rewards to Coral Restoration Foundation and Sea Shepherd. We offer cNFT minting resources and services to help support our pool as well. Our mission is to be the change we wish to see. We appreciate everyone of our delegators immensely. I am humbled to be able to support the cardano communities projects while aiding in the restoration and protection of the ocean.