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New TAILS Delegator Welcome

Published May 04, 2022 by MermADA of Stake Pool TAILS

post-thumb Welcome to the Merfolk Cardano Family.

MermADA Minting and stake pool TAILS mission is to help restore and protect our oceans through a variety of methods. We donate 50% of our stake pools monthly block rewards to Coral Restoration Foundation and Sea Shepherd. In 2021 we donated over 3400 ADA to ocean restoration and protection efforts. We look forward to growing these numbers with our delegators in 2022.

You can view our monthly block donation reports here.

These rewards can be claimed once per epoch once you have staked with TAILS for 3 epochs.

Delegator Token Rewards Pack - Once you have been staked with TAILS for 3 epochs you can claim our token rewards pack. Pack includes Tails token No More Tears token, Pot token, Blue token, and more.

Tails Tokens - Once you have been staked with TAILS for 3 epochs you can claim our TAILS Token rewards.

Use Dripdropz Token claiming services? If staked with TAILS Pool you can claim the following rewards!

  • POSH Token - The PoSH Token elevates women on the blockchain and motivates a culture of inclusiveness in Cardano.
  • StripperCoin - StripperCoin - where in a pandemic-ridden world, strippers can still safely, and non-degradingly receive funds from a client.

LEAFTOKEN - LEAFTOKEN is the dankest 420 themed meme token on the Cardano blockchain. LEAFTOKEN is the token every stoner waited for! LEAFTOKEN offers staking rewards directly through our services here.

“If man doesn’t learn to treat the oceans and the rain forest with respect, man will become extinct.” — Peter Benchley

Mint 1 NFT Tool - FREE -after- staking with TAILS for *3 epochs
Mint 10 NFTs Tool
50% discount on NFT mint services

Connect with Us
Join our Telegram group to chat with the TAILS team, introduce yourself and ask questions! Our team is in the group all day to answer questions and chat! Come say hello! (You can use project names on telegram for privacy - you do not have to use your real name.)

Stake Pool Community Calendar
Check our community calendar here. Epoch rollover/Payday is listed. Events we are partaking in or you can meet us at will be listed here as well.