Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life
Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life
Stake Tails Help Restore Coral
Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life

Helping individuals in their mid thirties create a foundation to financial freedom as they start small & build securely in the Web3 space for ongoing success. Dedicated to making a positive impact for creative & driven people around the world by aiding to increase their financial security through education. Gaining knowledge about financial basics & how they affect you into the Web3 ecosystems are key to establishing a lifetime of financial wellbeing & independence.


We also run the charity focused stake pool TAILS donating to Coral Restoration Foundation, offering NFT & Token minting services on Cardano. From 1:1 Cardano NFTs to small batches; bulk mints to vending machine sales; airdrops, token faucets & even auctions Merm𝔸𝔻𝔸 Minting & Stake Pool TAILS can help get your Cardano NFT project minted! We offer white label solutions to fit your projects needs.

Create your own Cardano NFT!

Single NFT Minting Tool

Simple & Fast minting for small NFT batch use. Pay with a wallet staked with TAILS & only pay mint utxo of 1.5 ADA

Mint 20 NFTs Tool

Mint A Small Collection

Simple & Fast minting for larger NFT batch use.

Create your Royalty Token

Royalty Token Tool

Make sure to mint before NFT collection

Vending Machine NFT Sales

Mint on Demand NFT Sales

Our most popular system for NFT drops. We use a Spreadsheet to help create your NFT.

Surprise NFT Mints

NFT Airdrops

Rewards & surprise holders of your NFTs


Changing Finance Culture

The financial landscape is often split into two categories - the spenders & the earners. Merm𝔸𝔻𝔸 swims to change this. Financial independence benefits all members of society. Our guides & courses are designed to be understandable & empowering. We are here to remove the guilt from money management. Making money is not an unrealistic goal & everyone can do it!


From debt management & budgeting to financial planning basics, Managing your credit and understading investing, we want to help demistify this world for you! Learn about cash flow, net income, and expenses & strategies for managing what comes in against what comes out! Take it a step further and discover Stocks, Bonds & even the world of Cryptocurrency. We work to foster a healthy relationship with finance for all!


Our stake pool provides a unique opportunity for investors to safely start growing a crypto portfolio while also supporting coral reef restoration. Often referred to as “rainforests of the sea,” coral reef ecosystems are one of the most biodiverse in the world. Around 25% of all marine species rely on coral reefs & Florida’s Coral Reefs are the third largest barrier reef in the world & the only barrier coral reef in the continental United States. This is why our pool donates 50% of our block rewards to Coral Restoration Foundation™.

map bg-shape Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life bg-shape Stake Tails Help Protect Ocean Life Stake Tails Help Restore Coral